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The Ultimate Hiking and Camping Gear Guide: Everything You Need for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

I still remember the first big camping and hiking trip we went on as a couple. We decided to go to the Grand Canyon and hike the canyon from top to bottom and back up again. Up until this point, we had done a few short trips where we just winged it. Often relying on a few semi-warm jackets and prepackaged food to get us by. Unfortunately, our patterns didn’t evolve much for this hike. Fortunately, we had sense enough to know it was time to ask for help. We entered the gear shop and picked the employee’s brain about everything we would need, and are so thankful for Joe for helping us out. Fast forward 9 years and it’s safe to say we have learned a thing or two about gear and proper preparation for hiking and camping. We have become a bit obsessed with researching and asking experts about all the best gear for a variety of climate and elevation factors. We have not tried everything on the market, but we do love the items listed below.


We are excited to welcome you to our one-stop shop for all your outdoor gear essentials! Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just starting your hiking/camping journey, we've got you covered with top-quality gear from the best brands in the business. From shelter and sleeping gear to cooking essentials and power solutions, this guide has everything you need for an unforgettable camping experience.


Note: there are affiliate links in this post and I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase an item (at no additional cost to you). These funds go right back to supporting our small business and mission to help others get outside and explore more. So thank you in advance for your support, should you choose to purchase something.



It has taken us nearly a decade to collect and invest in all of the gear that we have and use today. When we first started, we kept with the basics. We often borrowed from friends and bought used items. This helped us try a variety of products before making the huge cost commitment and investment. We recommend doing this as well. When you have found what fits your style and needs, we recommend buying gear that lasts. When you buy from brands you can depend on, you will save money in the long run because it will last much longer. This goes the same for the place that you buy from. Having a store with reliable products and knowledgeable staff is invaluable!



On every outdoor adventure, you should have these essentials packed in your bag. They don’t weight much and will definitely come in handy. These can help you out in an emergency and a bind, so we really wouldn’t leave them behind. The items are: navigation, light source, sun protection, first aid kit, fire kit, tent, food, water and clothes.



Here we breakdown all of our favorites separated by category of what you may need.






















Men's Targhee II Mid Black Hiking Shoes: These boots are highly regarded for their exceptional comfort, durability, and waterproof protection, making them ideal for tackling various terrains with confidence and ease.

Women's Mountain Trainer Lite Gtx: These shoes are praised for their lightweight design, robust construction, and Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, offering excellent support and protection for challenging mountain hikes.






With gear from these top-notch brands, you'll be ready to tackle any hiking and camping adventure with confidence and comfort. Please remember that in order to keep these beautiful outdoor spaces we explore, beautiful and safe for generations to come, we must be mindful and minimize our impact. We practice the Leave No Trace Principles of:


1.     Plan Ahead and Prepare

2.     Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

3.     Dispose of Waste Properly

4.     Leave What You Find

5.     Minimize Campfire Impacts

6.     Respect Wildlife

7.     Be Considerate of Others


These principles can be applied anywhere from a remote wilderness area to local parks to your own backyard. If you’d like additional information, this article goes into more detail.

Download a free camping checklist.


Happy outdoor adventuring!


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