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A Beginner’s Guide to Being a Digital Nomad

Whether you are one of the lucky ones to be able to continue your work remotely or you are craving location freedom, the path to a digital nomad life is appealing. Perhaps you have scrolled through social media and wondered how it is possible to work from anywhere. Before you dismiss it as a pipe dream, I’m here to share with you that with proper planning it is possible. If you are ready to start exploring and living more outside of the confines or your office or home, read on.

Back in 2018, my husband and I had our second child. We were both financially thriving in our corporate careers. We had worked our way up our respective career ladders to get to this point and rather than feeling successful and fulfilled we were left feeling stressed and unsatisfied.

"The careers that seemed desirable before children were no longer serving us."

With two young children and what felt like a million missed milestones, we needed a change. We longed for time and location freedom so that we could spend more time raising our children rather than being their weekend sitters. We longed for extended vacations that were not confined to only two weeks per year. So we put together a strategy and made a change! This change has granted us actual time, financial, location and energy freedom. We have built two successful online businesses and enjoy world schooling our two beautiful children.

Below are what we learned were the few key contributors to success in changing up our scenery:

Find a Way to Make Money & Budget Well

At the time, neither of us had the opportunity of working remotely. We had two decisions: we could apply for full-time remote employment opportunities or we could take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Well, the third option being both. We decided to put our extensive education and experience into creating our own online business. In order to ensure success and financial peace, we paced out our “9–5 retirements.” We developed a comprehensive budget and stuck to it. A year after the plan, I went first, then my husband took the leap the following year. Two years of planning and budgeting. No it wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it.

Research Visas & Taxes

Depending on where you go, and for how long you go, you may need to get work and travel visas. You’ll also need to look into the tax laws and obligations for your home country, as well as where you are staying.

Become Time-Efficient & Find Balance

When traveling, you still have to actually work. It is so easy to get distracted and enticed to take more breaks than planned, so having a set schedule is key. Try time blocking and stay focused when working so you can be more efficient in a shorter period of time. Once you master the art of flow and time management, you can reap the benefits of working from anywhere.

Be Resilient & Adaptable

Having a proper internet connection and space to work is important. But the reality of traveling, especially on the road with two small children, is that it doesn’t always happen. So have a contingency plan and then a back-up plan for that. You’ll need to embrace flexibility and learn to pivot.

Whether you want to work in your pajamas or bathing suit, from a mountain or the train, you’re craving the freedom that you deserve. Your dreams of working from anywhere you want are not out of reach. It’s time to start turning them into a plan to make them a reality.


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