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About Us

We are a family of four with a campervan we lovingly call Rosie. We love our family van life and exploring the great outdoors and immersing ourselves in local cultures. When not on the road, we call Southern California home. We try to follow a slow travel lifestyle while on the road, and a slow living at our home base.

Greg is a nature photographer and financial coach. He loves all things related to sustainability, veganism & hockey. Jena is a mindfulness coach and writer. She’s an avid runner & yogi, retired healthcare executive, and self proclaimed plant-based chef. Together we are podcasters, homeschoolers, NICU warriors, and success coaches.

We are super passionate about outdoor education, wild space advocacy, wildlife conservation, the benefits of getting outside into nature and getting out of your comfort zone. We are here to inspire you to live a meaningful life you love on your terms and to truly go after your dreams.

We share our outdoor adventures and stories through this platform and the Totally Curious podcast. It was a homegrown idea by our beautiful children and has taken form as an outdoors education & advocacy podcast by our whole family that any outdoor enthusiast or curious explorer would love!

We are so thrilled you are here and love our community on here so much.

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