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Welcome to our list of essentials for traveling, or for when at your home-base. We try and stick to a minimalist lifestyle both while traveling and while at our home-base. This is due in large part to help reduce our carbon footprint, but also out of necessity for our finite amount of space while traveling. Here you’ll find products that we ourselves have thoughtfully designed, as well as products from other companies that we love and use! Everything is based around our values of connecting with nature and keeping nature wild.



Check out our list of travel essentials including hiking gear, RV accessories, camping equipment, electronics, and safety gear.



Want help enhancing your photography? We've listed our favorite products and software from cameras, lenses, filters, presets, editing software, and guides.



Here is a list of our favorite products for kids, including learning tools and entertainment.



Here is a list of our favorite books, guides, journals, planners we use, listen to or read on the road or at home.

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