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Breathwork Session Details

Thank your interest in booking a breathwork session with Jena. In order to provide the best support during this virtual experience, please take note of the following:



  • You will receive a Zoom link immediately upon completing your booking. If you did not receive it, please email us at and we will resend it to you. 

  • In order to optimize your experience, please enable your video and audio. 

  • As best as you can, find a comfortable and quiet space for your session. Place your phone on airplane mode, and choose somewhere you feel comfortable lying down with water, blanket, and pillow available nearby. The pillow is helpful in muffling the sound, but you may want to notify anyone you share a space with that you will be letting out a big scream.

  • Try not to eat a big meal at least 45 minutes before the session.

  • Add your favorite song in the box below so that we can be sure it is included in your curated playlist.

  • Come to the session with an intention. If this is a couple’s session, please have one shared intention.


Health Notice:

  • If this type of breathwork is new to you, we recommend going slow. Get to know your breath and your body, and the sensations that accompany the experience. We’ll go through a bit of what to expect and how to breathe at the beginning of the class.

  • This type of breathwork may result in physical and emotional release. Please review the contraindications for breathwork below and if you experience any of these please consult with your physician prior to the session. If you need more information for your healthcare provider, please email us at 

    • Pregnancy

    • Cardiovascular disease

    • Angina

    • Heart attack

    • High blood pressure

    • Glaucoma

    • Retinal detachment

    • Osteoporosis

    • Recent injury or surgery

    • Any conditions for which you take regular medications

    • History of panic attacks, psychosis

    • Severe mental illnesses

    • Seizure disorders

    • Family history of aneurisms

    • Coronavirus or flu-like symptoms

Thanks for Submitting!

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