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Life is better outside

Hi, there!

At Harmony in the Wild, our mission is to help others explore and protect the beautiful world of ours. We believe in harnessing the power of nature as a catalyst for growth. We provide resources, curriculum and partnerships opportunities to help you in your quest for outdoor adventures and exploring together.

In this ever changing world, there’s a growing desire to stop waiting and to experience more now. As digital nomad entrepreneurs, worldschooling our children, we deeply understand and resonate with this. Through our unique outdoors and mindfulness expertise, we encourage others to connect with nature and collect experiences and memories.






Our beautifully curated collection is in full support of sustaining harmony in the wild: for you, your family & our planet.


Learning Resources

for Kids

We have curated a wonderful variety of learning materials for kids and adults. We have a Nature Guide & Journal, a coloring book, gratitude journals, and an adventure journal. We also have unit studies and a curriculum coming soon!

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Nature Sounds & Meditations

Subscribe and listen to our Harmony Hour podcast to time to ground, grow, and work on what best serves you - with Jena as your humble guide to embracing the beauty around and within you.


Books & Journals

Visit our shop to view our collection of books and journals designed to deepen your connection with yourself, others  and the beautiful world around you. 

Top Stories

Get out there and live your adventure!

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